X-treme Sweat and Restore 30- Day

Winner's Equine X-treme Sweat and Restore 30- Day Treatment

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Restore your horse's natural ability to sweat!

Sweat and Restore can help with horses that Tie Up and also helps with Thumps.

Can also be used as the ultimate electrolyte. If using X-Treme Sweat + Restore as an electrolyte only, 1 scoop daily is sufficient.


Option 1. Mix 2 scoops in feed 1 time per day.

Option 2. Mix 1 scoop with water and give by oral syringe 2 times a daily.

Option 3. Mix 2 scoops in drinking water 1 time per day.

Continue to use daily for maxium effectiveness.

Typically, you will see your horses sweat in 5 - 7 days.

We suggest using X-TREME AIR DAILY in conjuction with this product for better respiratory performance