X-Treme Calm Response 21 Day Protocol

Winner's Equine X-Treme Calm Response 21 Day Protocol

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Give your horse the ability to perform it's best without anxiety!

Our new X-Treme Calm Response Herbal Protocol will calm horses that are fractious, reduce anxiety, improve trainability, reduce stall walking and balance their overall "Chi". All natural , drug free and WILL NOT TEST. 

Directions: Mix one scoop of X-Treme Calm Response daily in feed for 21 days.  You may add honey to the feed and herb mixture if desired. Then discontinue use for at least one month. If unwanted behavior reoccours after one month, administer 21-day protocol again.  Do not exceed more than one 21 day protocol every two months. 


Note: Usually it takes the full 21 days to see the full results, if you see results in less time continue to administer for the full 21 days. 1 bag is enough for only 1 horse.