X-Treme Air Daily Respiratory Health Treatment - 30 day

X-Treme Air Daily Respiratory Health Treatment - 30 day

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Repairs lung tissue at the cellular level
Reduces inflammation
Promotes the body's natural healing process
Winners Equine Products Proprietary Blend consists of the highest quality natural ingredients including botanicals, herbs and vitamins.

Not only controls bleeding, but will also help with:

Brain function and focus
Hoof Growth
Healthier coat
Much more!
Directions: One heaping scoop mixed in feed two times a day.

X-Treme Air Protocol:

Step 1. X-Treme Air Daily herbs 2x daily.

Step 2. X-Treme Air 3 Day Pre-Event, as directed, starting 3 days before event** or breeze. Continue with daily herbs as well.

Step 3. X-Treme Boost Paste 4 - 6 hours before event. For extra protection give one full tube the night before and one tube the morning of the event**.

Step 4. X-Treme Force - Administer all herbs mixed with water (add honey for enhanced flavor) 4 - 5 hours before event** / breeze / 2 minute mile

*X-Treme Boost Paste and X-Treme Force Diuretic is used for training purposes (breezing, etc.)

**Event is referring to sport horses, not racing