X-Treme Air 3 Day - Pre-Event Treatment

Winner's Equine X-Treme Air 3 Day - Pre-Event Treatment

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Contains our proprietary blend of 10 herbs and vitamins medically proven to work including Yunnan Baiyao. 

3 day pre-event intense treatment. 

Start 3 days before event. 1 heaping scoop 2 times a day in food, for 3 days. 


X-Treme Air Protocol:

Step 1. X-Treme Air Daily herbs 2x daily. 

Step 2. X-Treme Air 3 Day Pre-Event, as directed, starting 3 days before event** or breeze. Continue with daily herbs as well.

Step 3. X-Treme Boost Paste 4 - 6 hours before event. For extra protection give one full tube the night before and one tube the morning of the event**.  

Step 4. X-Treme Force - Administer all herbs mixed with water (add honey for enhanced flavor) 4 - 5 hours before event** / breeze / 2 minute mile

*X-Treme Boost Paste and X-Treme Force Diuretic is used for training purposes (breezing, etc.)

**Event is referring to sport horses, not racing