HandsOn Shedding, Bathing and Grooming Gloves

HandsOn Shedding, Bathing and Grooming Gloves

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All-in-one, top selling revolutionary grooming/bathing/deshedding HandsOn Gloves save you time and makes grooming your horses and pets more enjoyable and worthwhile – bye, bye curry combs, bathing mitts and sweat scrapers!

Two-handed expert wet/dry grooming gloves. Outstanding shedder features non-abrasive, flexible, rubber scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms, and easily releases accumulated hair. Versatile, flexible grip to easily handle water hoses, shampoo bottles, lead ropes, leashes, or anything else needed with gloves on. Lightweight and extremely durable; do not crack, tear or mildew even under heavy grooming and bathing conditions.

Distributes natural oils for healthy skin and coat, and massages and stimulates circulation. Tactile touch – gently cleans legs, faces and tight body corners. Versatile, flexible grip for multitasking. Hands stay clean and avoid dirt and oils under fingernails with secure, hook and loop fastener.

To determine size, measure palm width circumference around widest point of hand just below knuckles. Junior = Under 6", Small = 6"-7"; Medium = 7"-8.5"; Large = 8.5"-10.5", X-Large = 10.5" and over.