EZ All Green Spot Remover Equine and Livestock 32 oz

EZ All Green Spot Remover Equine and Livestock 32 oz

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All-natural, plant-based horse and livestock spot remover quickly removes odors and a variety of stains including manure, grass and urine while leaving the skin well conditioned.

Won't irritate your animal's sensitive skin or leave it itchy and flaky. Can be used to remove any kind of stain. Also works great on a number of surfaces. 360° sprayer works at any angle, even upside down. Gets to those hard-to-reach areas, especially the belly. Just spray on, lather and blot until stain is gone. It's that eZ! Fresh pear scent. 100% performance guaranteed.

Save time, money and effort with eZall, the leader in spray-on, rinse-off, bio-based grooming products. They’re tough on dirt, yet gentle on animals and the environment.eZall is effective without any harsh, drying effects of traditional cleansers. These products deliver consistent results even on the toughest grooming jobs. Just spray and rinse – no scrubbing necessary!

Backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee. All product packaging is also #2 recyclable.