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Co-Flex Bandage Wrap

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CoFlex NL Flexible Cohesive Bandage is self-adhesive – no clips or fasteners needed. Maintains consistent compression with nonslip support. Applied properly, CoFlex is an excellent pressure bandage that won't cut off circulation. Thin, lightweight, and porous, this nonirritating wrap allows skin to breathe while the wound heals. Comfortably adapts to the most difficult body contours. Absorbs energy shocks from strenuous activity and retains its tensile strength longer than cotton bandages. Not made with natural rubber latex. 


CoFlex is a cohesive line of bandaging tape used to secure, protect, and compress, providing controlled compression that will not constrict over time. Bandages are non-adhesive and will not stick to skin, only to itself, offering great flexibility for multiple applications. Lightweight and breathable for patient comfort. Available in multiple colors and widths. Manufactured by Andover Healthcare. CoFlex’s full line of bandages includes: CoFlex, non-latex CoFlex NL, Sterile CoFlex NL, Sterile CoFlex LF2 Foam Tape, non-latex CoFlex LF2 Foam Tape, and CoFlex Easy tear tape.