Charlee's Fly Spray for Horses 32 oz
Charlee's Fly Spray for Horses 32 oz

Charlee's Fly Spray for Horses 32 oz

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Effective against flies, gnats, mosquitoes, horseflies and deer flies, Charlee’s Fly Spray™ is an all-natural emulsion that you can apply directly to your horse. An alternative to chemical sprays Charlee’s Fly Spray is prized by World Renown Riders and Trainers, Therapeutic Riding Programs, Farriers and Veterinarians.

When applied thoroughly, over the entire horse, Charlee’s Fly Spray is the least expensive and most cost-effective fly spray on the market. Other fly sprays require multiple applications to have the same duration of effectiveness as 1 application of Charlee’s Fly Spray.

Prepared to use in competition, our ready to use formulation minimizes the need for multiple applications. Popular with the horses - many sigh with relief after each application - as well as the horse handlers – feel free to use it on yourself – Charlee's Fly Spray clings to your horse’s coat producing long-lasting protection and a pleasant sheen. With a pleasant light fragrance that both horse and rider can enjoy.


- Effective and long-lasting - keeps flies away longer, naturally
- Pesticide-free
- Ready to use with a pleasant mild scent
- Made in the USA
- High-performance sprayer
- 32 oz Bottle with sprayer or 64 oz Refill

Active Ingredients:

Charlee’s Fly Spray is derived from all-natural ingredients such as coconut, essential oils, corn and other vegetables.