Carefree Enzymes Horse Ear and Facial Body Wipes Boca Delray

Carefree Enzymes Horse Ear and Facial Body Wipes

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Horse Ear And Facial Wipes

Removes contaminants and excessive secretions around eyes & nose while gently cleansing. Also, it soothes and softens hair while eliminating odors and reducing infection risk. Further, our unique formula of enzymes and Aloe Vera can be used freely on the face, mane and entire body of a horse.

We formulated the wipes to clean wax and other discharge found around the ear area. Additionally, wipes are soft and safe to use on all horses. Also, it aids in preventing irritation and itching. Further, it helps prevent infections and ear odors.

ALL of our products are made with natural enzymes and plant oils without the use of ANY harsh chemicals. Also, when used as directed, they are completely child & animal safe.