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Bev’s Equine Magic Salve

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Magic Salve is for simple to severe horse cuts, animal and insect bites, scrapes, scratches, abrasions, rashes, rain rot or cracked heels. Protects from flies, insects and bacteria. The bugs don’t like this product so they usually avoid the affected area.

Our horse product shields the wound immediately and assists in accelerating scab formation so the body can immediately start the healing process. Bev’s Equine Magic Salve for horses, canine and livestock also helps the body to reduce pain and inflammation quickly, sometimes within minutes. Our salve also acts as an anticoagulant. Testimonials show that this wound product also works on cracked heals. There is no end in sight on what issues the Magic Salve will resolve. In fact, we have pictures of a horse that had a sarcoid on his face and Bev’s Equine Magic Salve assisted to disengaged it from the body in 6 weeks with a simple application every day.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a generous amount, (at least an 1/8th of an inch thick), of salve to the wound covering the entire affected area. No need to rub the salve into the wound. Some wounds might only need one application. Bev’s Equine Magic Salves helps to protects wounds from bugs, insects, bacteria and anything else that tries to attack them. Usually within 24 hours you will see a nice thick hard scab on the wound. DO NOT REMOVE THE SCAB! From there, let the animal’s body do the rest. Once the wound is healed, the scab will fall off. And this will happen faster then you think as our salve helps the body to accelerates healing time. Our product becomes part of the scab and continues to help the body work its own magic in the healing process. However, if you have a really large wound, you will need to re-apply additional applications of Bev’s Equine Magic Salve until weeping subsides and a scab has formed.